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Things to be clear on before marketing your products and services on Social Media

Are you planning to take your Business online on Social Media 🚀? You might be wondering what to do first and where to start 🙆 ! Trust me I’ve seen people in this place. Social media is powerful, you can take advantage of it and leverage it for your business in many ways.

Let’s deep dive into what you must be clear on before marketing your services/products on Social Media.

🔎 Choosing the right channels

Each platform requires different types of content in many ways. Instead of being available on all platforms. Choose the one where you think your Ideal customers’ hangout, where do they spend more time? Do they make purchases from that platform? Does it in any way change their purchasing decisions? etc.

Also look out for your competitors, where they are most active, where they get the most engagement. Remember, this is not easy to crack, some platforms might not work well for you as your competitors. Test, Analyze & Act based on it.

👥 Be clear on who your Ideal Audience / Client / Customer is

These are the people to whom you sell your Products & services. Create a buyer persona that lists their Demographics (Age, Occupation, etc)⁣, What is their behavior like? — Their interests about a product/service⁣, goals, pain points/problems⁣, how you can solve them, what are the common objections they have to buy your product, etc.

🎯 Set clear social media goals

List down things that you want to achieve by taking your brand on social media. Eg: Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement, Quality leads & sales, Drive website traffic, Build Customer Loyalty, etc. You should also set clear metrics to track for each goal.

📑 Defining your content strategy

Content marketing and social media marketing are two peas in a pod. Both need to be used well together to achieve your goals. Create actionable content that teaches your target audience how to solve a specific problem, focus on the ‘why’. Remember don’t be too salesy.

How strong is your social media game? Let me know in the comments.

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