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Your hunt for a
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About me

Hi,I’m Sangeetha aka the Instagram and Pinterest management Ninja from India. I'm an engineer turned instagram & pinterest manager who loves to help her clients scale and grow their online business humongously on Pinterest and Instagram.


Pinterest and Instagram are my elixirs. I breathe and live there (quite literally). On most days you would see me glued to my desk working while I take caffeine shots every now and then. (Caffeine never goes wrong. Does it?) 


In May 2020, I joined an agency as a digital marketing executive, along with my social media marketing side hustle! Working in a fast paced environment like that, fast tracked my learnings & my career trajectory. There I found that building my own business is what I’m destined for. 

Then I quit my job in october 2020 to pursue my never ending love for social media marketing & that’s how it all began. 


I started serving various service based, product based businesses, coaches and blogger scale and grow on both the platforms which yielded 500 to 2000 percent of increase in their growth. 

It gets juicier. Isn’t it ?  Here’s more pulp

What makes me unique?

( I could go on and on but I'll contain it to a few) 


I'm result oriented. When I say that I am result oriented, I really mean it. I have worked with 15 + clients till now and each one of them has seen a growth of at least 250 - 200 percent. ( Can't believe it? I have attached a few results at the end. I bet you can't ignore those).

I don't rely on old or cookiecutter strategies. When I sit down to strategize, I make a detailed analysis of your business and provide strategies that will be tailor made to suit your audience. ( See? How many does that?).

Also don't forget I am a service provider with a mission. I did not come here just to help you earn a few dollars but I am on a mission to simplify your life and business a lot more.


I work on the backend relentlessly to put you on the forefront. ( Wink. wink)

I know how to put your growth on steroids while you can work with your clients efficiently. 

Here are some reports of the steroids that I injected to a few businesses

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